Stephen Marley ft Melanie Fion – “No Cigarette Smoke” | Reggae

Posted by on February 8, 2011

I’m shocked no one mentioned the pitiful musical performances put on last night at the Super Bowl. I did not expect The Black Eyed Peas to butcher their popular songs so badly, but fortunately for them most peoples attention has been focused on Christina Aguilera’s disgraceful attempt to sing the National Anthem. I almost posted the video but it’s just too awkward for me to handle. Not only did she add way too much spice to the tune, she forgot several of the lines. Thankfully there weren’t like a ton of people watching Fox last night… At least I can say the Doritos video above helped soothe the pain – this was definitely my favorite commercial of the night.


DOWNLOAD: Stephen Marley ft Melanie Fion – No Cigarette Smoke

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